Tasks by Committee

The following is the Table of Contents from my book, Shake the Money Tree: How to Produce a Winning Fundraising Event With a Live and Silent Auction.

Table of Contents

The Four Objectives of a Successful Fundraiser

Description of Tasks by Committee

1.   Event Chair

2.   Volunteers Chair

3.   Underwriters Chair

4.   Procurement Chair

5   Publicity/Public Relations Chair

6.   Printing Chair

7.   Invitations Chair

8.   Reservations Chair

9.   Printed Program Chair

10.   Party/Decorations/Entertainment Chair

11.   Silent Auction Chair

12.   Live Auction Chair

13.   Cashiers Chair

14.  Thank-You-Letter Chair

15.   Scrapbook Chair

Three-Week Countdown

For Auctioneers Only