The Seminar

How to Produce a Winning
Fundraising Event
with a Live and Silent Auction

To have a successful fundraiser, it is important to focus on what makes guests feel good about giving. Methods to inspire generosity cannot be left to chance.

We have put together a seminar to teach proven marketing principles and apply them to fundraising events. We show how to get guests to feel good about giving, and how to take away excuses that cause guests to feel un-generous.

This seminar promises to be insightful, practical and entertaining. You will learn the following:

You will raise more money by:

Your event will run more smoothly with fewer problems when:

When people come to your event, you have a small window of time to inspire their generosity. You can't afford to blow it.

Seminar Presenters

Picture of Michelle Michelle Thompson is founder and president of Peacock Events in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is well know and respected among many nonprofits and brings to the table a wealth of practical knowledge.

Picture of Richard Richard O'Keef, MBA – Hey, you know this guy. He's helped produce over 800 auctions as a consultant and auctioneer. He wrote the book on fundraising auctions.

This seminar is sure to help fundraising organizers everywhere raise more money to help more people.

Contact Richard with questions and to schedule a seminar.

The following handouts will be discussed at the seminar. Click on each one to display and print.