The following links are referenced in my book, Shake the Money Tree: How to Produce a Winning Fundraising Event With a Live and Silent Auction.

Convention and Visitors Bureau – referenced in Reserve a Location (1.6)

Event Management Software – referenced in Event Management Software (1.22)

Auctioning Puppies – referenced in Procure Items for Silent and Live Auctions (4.4)

Consignment Items – referenced in Determine Minimum Bids (4.12)

Novelties, Party Favors and Gifts – referenced in Party Favors (10.14)

Centerpieces – referenced in Table Centerpieces (10.19)

Stage Backdrops – referenced in Stage Location and Setup (10.22)

Blank Certificates – referenced in Fund-a-Program (12.23)

Credit Card Terminals – referenced in Credit Card Setup (13.7)

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