Best Money-Making Strategy

Fund-A-Program is one of the most powerful money-making strategies - if it's done right. It gives all of your guests an opportunity to donate at a level that is do-able for each one.

When guests raise their bid-cards to donate, it is because of how they feel at that moment. AND you have an influence over how they feel. If you've met the Four Objective of a Successful Fundraising Event, by the time you do Fund-A-Program, your guests should be in their most generous mood.

How Fund-a-Program Works

The Auctioneer says, “Ladies and gentlemen, you’ll notice in your printed program that the next item is called Fund-a-Program. Fund-a-Program is a way we raise money for a particular need. In a moment, I’m going to ask each one of you to donate a certain amount of money. But in order for you to feel inspired to donate, you need to know where your money is going. Here to inspire you, is our school principal. Please welcome to the stage, Principal Mary Smith.”

Mary Smith takes the microphone and in one or two minutes tells how desperately the school needs new computer equipment. Her speech evokes emotion as she explains how new computer equipment will give students the advantage in a technologically driven world; and how without new computer equipment, our students, even YOUR children, will fall behind other students in other schools who have the latest technology at their disposal. “We just cannot let that happen in a competitive society,” she says.

Mary finishes her speech. At this point, the auctioneer says a few words to inspire generosity, and then asks for donations: "Those of you who can help us with a $5,000 donation, please raise your bid cards now." The auctioneer calls out the bid numbers for the clerk to record and thanks each donor. Then the auctioneer asks for donations at lower levels: $2,500, then $1,000, etc., down to $50. Each level is predetermined and can start and finish anywhere deemed appropriate for that audience.

I've done hundreds of Fund-A-Programs. The highest I have started is at $100,000 and have gone down to as low as $10.

Fund-A-Cause, Fund-A-Cure, Fund-A-Scholarship, whatever you call it, only takes a few minutes, and could possibly raise more money than your live auction. I can tell you from experience, if you leave out Fund-A-Program, you are leaving money on the table.

Drop me an email and I will reply with the "10 Fund-A-Program Guidelines" you need to know to make Fund-A-Program the most successful it can be.