Meet the Auctioneer


Meet Richard O'Keef. If the name sounds familiar, there's a good reason. He has helped many organizations plan and execute successful fundraisers - over 700 of them.

As an auctioneer he is a master at entertaining audiences while getting top dollar for auction items. He says the mark of a good auctioneer is when he can get a lot of money from his audience, and then they thank him on their way out.

Richard is a 1992 graduate of the Missouri Auction School, and has gone on to become a leading fundraising auctioneer. He earned the "Benefit Auction Specialist" designation from the National Auctioneers Association. He learned Japanese and Spanish to conduct auctions for a predominantly Japanese and Spanish speaking audiences. In his spare time he trains for marathons. He says jogging helps him sustain his enthusiasm during the longer auctions. He also holds an MBA degree.

Richard has developed what he calls the "The Four Objectives of a Successful Fundraiser", which he supports with dozens of proven strategies and tasks, and shares in detail with the organizations he serves. He has strategically used music and sound effects to uplift and motivate his audiences. His ability to entertain and make people feel good about donating to a cause, are traits for which Richard has become well known.

Richard has put his years of experience in a book he says will help fundraising organizers everywhere raise more money to help more people.

Richard's company, Richard O'Keef Fund-Raising Auctions, is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and he is available nationwide.

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