Shake the Money Tree

How to Produce a Winning
Fundraising Event
with a Live and Silent Auction

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Are you planning an event?

Want some ideas to raise more money?

There are things (or tasks) that you, your committee, your volunteers, and your auctioneer can do that will make people feel good about spending money.

There are also things that you can do, or fail to do, that will take away the desire or inhibit or discourage people from spending money. We want to eliminate those things, and take away all the excuses that cause people to feel un-generous.

You see, generosity is an emotion, and the amount of money people spend at your fundraising event will depend on how they feel.

From the moment your guests step into your event until the time they leave, they are in YOUR realm of influence. What you do (or fail to do) during that time will make a difference in how generous your guests feel.

Everything you do at your fundraiser should be to inspire generosity and remove any excuses that would discourage people from being generous.

Raise More Money to Help More People

Hi, I'm Richard O'Keef. And I wrote this book to help fundraisers everywhere raise more money to help more people. I have seen organizations actually double the amount of money raised over the previous year by implementing the principles taught in this book.

This book will show you the tasks you need to accomplish to meet (and even exceed) your financial goals AND send guests home having had such a good time spending money they'll want to attend next year to do it again.

The most common comment I hear from readers is, "I wish I had had this book for my last fundraiser."

I received the book - FANTASTIC!!!  I have never read a book that was so true to the fact - especially the part where you describe the job of the Event Chair, and how many lives you change. I have lived this book! There is a lot of information that I did not even learn when I took a class. I will recommend it to everyone.
Andrea Giamalakis, Development Coordinator, Saint Sophia Hellenic Orthodox School

How to Motivate Guests to Give

When guests are motivated, they will feel good about spending money at your fundraiser. That begs the question: what motivates people to feel generous with their money? Wouldn't that be useful information for your next fundraiser? And wouldn't it also be nice to know the tasks that need to be accomplished to motivate guests to spend?

I've discovered four objectives that are accomplished at every successful fundraiser. When these objectives are achieved, guests feel more like giving.

  1. Guests are made to feel important.
  2. Guests gain a desire to support the cause at hand.
  3. Guests want what is being sold.
  4. If there is a live auction, guests get caught up in the thrill of bidding.

So how do YOU achieve these objectives? Here is the answer simply stated:

  1. Guests can be made to feel important by pampering and entertaining them.

  2. Guests can gain a desire to support your cause by educating them and making an emotional appeal.

  3. Guests can develop a desire to want what you're selling by applying proven marketing techniques.

  4. Guests can get caught up in the thrill of bidding by putting show-business into the live auction.

This book describes the tasks that need to be accomplished to make sure the four objectives are met. Why would you ever plan another event without knowing what they are?

I found myself making many notes in the margins, mostly reminders of things to add to my to-do list for our next fundraising event.
Pam Boedy, Development Officer - Salt Lake Community Action Program - Head Start

What Else Does this Book Deliver?

It addresses these challenges:

This book also guides you through important logistics such as:

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Receive Fringe Benefits

If you adopt the strategies in this book, you will raise a lot of money. I can say that without reservation because I've seen it happen time and time again. But there are also some wonderful fringe benefits you will receive as well:

Success is in the Tasks

Producing a successful fundraising event comes as a result of accomplishing the right tasks. Those who accomplish the right tasks have success; while those who leave them out, no matter how sincere they their desire, how hard they work, or how noble their cause, generally meet with less-than-desired results.

If producing a successful fundraising event is a result of doing certain tasks, then anyone, regardless of their background or experience, can be successful. They just need to know the tasks.

Shake the Money Tree will show you the tasks to accomplish to ensure a successful fundraising event.

This book is well organized and thorough. It covers everything a beginner or experienced fundraiser needs to know to throw a success fundraising event.
Sarah Noel, Special Events Manager, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Indiana State Chapter

When People Offered to Buy the Incomplete Rough Draft, I Knew I Had Something.

I was consulting with an event committee one afternoon, and one of the committee members said, "These are some great ideas. You really need to put them in a book – and I'll be the first to buy it."

This wasn't the first time the idea of a book had been suggested to me, but this particular request caused me to get started.

When this book was about 90% complete, I started taking a copy of the unfinished rough draft to committee meetings just to get a feel for its value. When people offered to buy the incomplete rough draft, I knew I had something.

For the Beginner AND Experienced Event Planner

This is a task-oriented book, from which it is easy to take ideas and apply them. If you are a beginner at organizing fundraisers, this book is definitely a must-have. It will give you strategies and ideas that normally require years of trial and error to come up with. It will provide you with the tasks. You just do the tasks.

Many organizations do not exploit the more powerful strategies that make fundraising auctions successful because they don't know about them. You will not be one of those people with this book in your possession.

If you are a seasoned organizer you will recognize many of the tasks taught in this book. But I'm confident there are a few tricks you will find to make your next event even better. If you are training a new staff member, this book will help him or her get up to speed fast.

Three-Week Countdown

I often meet with event organizers two or three weeks before their event. During that meeting I request that certain tasks be done that will help achieve The Four Objectives of a Successful Fundraiser. You see, when those objectives are met, it's easier for me, as the auctioneer, to conduct a successful live auction.

In this chapter called Three-Week Countdown, I provide the material that I go over in that meeting – just as if I were holding that meeting with you.

Click here to see the entire Three-week Countdown chapter.

A Chapter for Auctioneers

The information presented in this book is for you, the auctioneer, as much as it is for event organizers. As the auctioneer, you become a resource for organizations.

Throughout this book I refer to The Four Objectives of a Successful Fundraiser. If the organizers have done a good job achieving the objectives, your job will be easier. So you need to be familiar enough with the objectives to take full advantage of them.

In this chapter I provide fourteen tips that I think every fundraising auctioneer should know. Once you apply them, you will be in such demand that some organizations will actually plan their events around your availability, and you will start to book events more than a year out.

It's Affordable

I want every fundraising event organizer to be able to afford this 252-page book. So I set the price at:


I am so confident you'll embrace this book, that I will make this guarantee:

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