Richard O'Keef

Is there a way to inspire generosity?

Hi. I'm Richard O'Keef, and I've discovered there are certain things you and I can do to bring out the generosity in people.

You see, generosity is an emotion, and the amount of money people spend at your fundraising event will depend on how they feel. From the moment your guests step into your event until the time they leave, they are in YOUR realm of influence. What you do (or fail to do) during that time will make a difference in how generous your guests feel. Here is what I've discovered:

If your guests feel like royalty, get choked up with emotion over your cause, want what you're selling, and discover the thrill of bidding, not only will they give you a lot of their money, they will thank YOU on their way out.

I will show you how to make that happen when I meet with you and your committee. But if we cannot get together...

...I've written a book to help you

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Producing a successful fundraising event comes as a result of accomplishing the right tasks. Those who leave out the right tasks, no matter how sincere their desire, how hard they work, or how noble their cause, generally meet with less-than-desired results.

If producing a successful fundraising event is a result of doing certain tasks, then anyone, regardless of their background or experience, can be successful. They just need to know the tasks.

My book, Shake the Money Tree: How to Produce a Winning Fundraising Event with a Live and Silent Auction, will show you the four objectives that are achieved at every successful fundraising event and the tasks that need to be accomplished to make sure those objectives are met. 160 tasks divided among 15 hypothetical committees. These tasks will:

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Everything you do at your fundraiser should be to inspire generosity and remove any excuses that would discourage people from being generous. I can show you how to make that happen at your next fundraising event.

Here are some of the organizations I've served: